new things to learn

just noticed that I didn't post anything for quite a long time. But hey, a blog - or my blog- doesn't have to be written daily. Thoughts come and go, but so few seem to be worth blogging.

Today I had a job training for a new job: it's a call center thingy - which I've always been a bit skeptical about. But let's see how things turn out. At least it's a warm clean place to spend your time^^
University goes quite ok as well: I have to attend a language lab now and learn how to sound as much british as I can. Or to be precise I am urged to learn RP - some kind of high standard English pronunciation. Not sure if that'll work - but let's see =)

Ah and last week it was the first time I've sung karaoke. Was kinda funny, actually. I was drunk enough and so we sang Bohemian Rhapsody and Wonderwall. Thanx to Ramon, Martin and Tanja for making a show of yourselves with me =)

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