love changes

Had some intriguing thought when I was on my way in the subway and had nothing much to do than listening music.
The thought I had was the following: love does change me.
But not only love, also the person I love and our relationship changes me.
Or better: it reveals certain parts of my character which might already exist.

In a happy relationship the best of me comes out and I do love myself and feel comfortable with the way I am. And I feel gratitude to have found a person who enables me to do so. I am thankful for the opportunity to love (him and me) and the gift of being loved as well.
[Of course all this is also possible living alone; being satisfied with the way I am and so on but its much more joy to chare and exchange all these positive experiences.]

Sounds a bit sentimental, huh? Whatever =)
Just wanted to express these thoughts somehow.

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