Kellemes Karácsony - Merry Christmas

Learning languages is fun. Learning languages from native speakers is even more fun.
This year I celebrated Christmas with my boyfriend's Hungarian family.
Most of his folks do speak German, as they live in Austria for several years now, but his granny for instance doesn't.
I am eager to learn some Hungarian. Well, I already do understand some single words, when my boyfriend and his family talk to each other. Plus, I am proud to tell this, some words I can already use and pronounce correctly myself =)
This language sounds so different than all languages I've used to learn or hear up to now.
Maybe next Christmas I will be able to say some more words than "Pass me the bread, please".

Oh and, I got some real cool Christmas presents this year. Terry Pratchett's new book "Nation" for instance. Don't know Pratchett, yet? Well, you should.

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