Vienna Graveyard Tours

Today - on a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon, Ramon and I visited the Vienna Zentralfriedhof.
Here are some fotos of things I found especially interesting and nice.

I can't really say why, but I like graveyards. They somehow radiate an atmosphere of peace and quiet history. People's history and also the history of the particular city.

There are so many stories to be told and found and so many fascinating little details. Did you notice the gargoyles in the last picture? And do you know the symbols on that gravestone on the third picture? Couldn't sort out why there is an arrow. Does anybody know?
And why is it people put little stones onto jewish gravestones?

It was a nice sunday's walk and there are still lots of things to see.


  1. will auch auf den Friedhof ... klasse bilder

    lg, nina

  2. Dank dir =)
    Wenn du mal nach Wien kommst, machen wir nen Friedhofstag ;)