This is what I've always loved music and lyrics for: while just listening to the tune, from time to time I happen to stumble across a line or just some words, that perfectly fill a gap.

A gap in my head, a space I couldn't find a word for that sounds right. And then - all of a sudden- it's got a name, a sound, a tune. That feeling, that strange mood, I couldn't describe even if I wished to, when someone asks again "how are you?".
Now here's today's answer: "disconnected"

"I feel lost in my head I'm down with all my emptiness and sad I miss what I had

I lost my ground and what I found instead

Is this world disconnected (too).."

the Beatsteaks - disconnected


  1. hey cousinchen hab dir vor einiger zeit ne mail geschickt. meld dich doch mal

  2. Ja hab ich gelesen, war das die mail wegen den ohr steckern? hab ich dir schon besorgt ;)